Our Technical Approach

For Web Applications and Sites

We use ASP.NET MVC and C#.

We build applications using a three-tiered approach: data access, business logic, and the user interface(s).

Three Tiers Image

For client-side interaction we use Angular or knockoutJS

We use Microsoft’s Enterprise Framework with all database interactions from the application.


We normally use SQL Server as a database, and all interactions with the database are through Enterprise Framework, using stored procedures where needed.

External Web Hosting

We recommend Brisbane-based StudioCoast, having used them for years with great results.

Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, other devices

Our general approach is to build one web application and serve content to various devices using the most suitable view of the content for each category of device.

We believe that most if not all of your content should be available to your users regardless of which device they're using, however some aspects of design for small screen devices are different to larger formats - for example a menu that works well on a 23" desktop monitor is not necessarily going to work on an iPhone screen. And the photo carousel the CEO "needs" on the desktop version, is not likely to be suitable on his or her phone.

We like to use one URL schema for your site - for example we would not normally recommend using a sub-domain for a mobile content view eg. 'm.mysite.com'. Your customers/users don't need the risk of confusion. Instead we normally use UA detection of mobile or tablet users (for example), send them the appropriate view of the content, and just include a 'switch' for users to toggle between mobile and full versions of the content. The site you're viewing now has that switch (see below).