Our Work / School Ordering System


eSchools previously used a windows desktop application which enabled school staff to order equipment from suppliers by mail, email, fax etc.

As schools moved from a Windows-only environment to a wider variety of devices and operating systems (eg. Macs, iPads), the complications of having a windows desktop application grew. A web-based solution was required.

Key Success Factors

Clearly the solution needed to work well on various operating systems and devices. Also the model for this application needed to be really intuitive - people of all abilities would be using the application, and often in a hurry.

The application model needed to match a logical mental model for dealing with the flow of orders, and the most common tasks needed to be clearly defined and laid out. Most of the tasks are repeated day after day, so they needed to be easily accessible and simple to perform.

The solution needed to scale well, having more than 8,500+ users all over Victoria.

The Solution

The solution called School Ordering System was created, allowing its 15,000+ users to manage orders to suppliers in a clear and simple way. The navigation was specifically designed to meet the key success factors, where the most common tasks are clearly and chronologically laid out - Create Order, Edit Drafts, Approve Order, Send Order, History.

The security is role-based. Orders are submitted for approval, approved by authorised users, and sent to suppliers. Reports are available, and authorised users can manage their own school's charge codes, users and suppliers.

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