Our Work / Activity Based Costing Survey


AustNet Services (formerly spAusNet) previously used an Excel spreadsheet to collect survey information quarterly from several hundred managers across the company.

The hassle and huge amount of time taken to collect, correct, and collate the survey information caused the process owners to consider other methods to complete the task. They needed a simple way to collect this data in a timely fashion.

Key Success Factors

The model for this application needed to be really intuitive, particularly since the application would only be used once each quarter.

The application model needed to match a logical mental model, where new surveys fell into an "Inbox" and previously submitted surveys fell into a "Submitted" box.

It was important for users to be able to 'copy forward' data from previous surveys, and to be able to partially fill in new surveys if required and save them as a draft.

The Solution

Other than a home page which described the purpose of the surveys, all this application needed to present to the users was a way to find and complete new surveys with validation, and to review submitted surveys.